Get To Know The Sims Family

The Sims Family has been ranching for over a century. The first generation owner, Theodore Sims, began in 1954, and passed it down to his son, Tab Sims.

Tab’s Grandchildren


Ranching has been a passion of his since childhood, but it’s a very difficult occupation to earn a living. With a family to feed, Tab pursued a successful career in the corporate world (maintaining the ranch on Saturdays and each day after work). After 30 years, he left corporate America to make his lifelong dream a reality by providing people with fresh, all-natural beef.
We take good care of our operation, our cattle, our land, and our customers. We are only about 2 hours away from the metroplex so most of our customers surround the suburbs of Dallas in places like: Southlake, Plano, Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, Grapevine, Fort Worth, etc. Feel free to visit our operation anytime. We will be glad to show you and your family around the ranch so that you can get out of the big city for a day and spend some time in God’s country with the fresh air.

Let us help you recapture a simpler time. We know you’re rushing around with your children to different activities, your bosses are more demanding than ever, etc. We want to make your life easier by delivering fresh beef that tastes great.

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you. You want to feed them good food that is nutritious and delicious. We understand. That’s why our beef is grown without chemicals or hormones.

"I'm able to enjoy God’s creation by working the land that my father worked before me. The ranch has so much history and meaning to me personally. The quality of our beef is a reflection of the nurturing environment in which we care for the cattle."

"Our grass fed, grain finished beef truly tastes better than store-bought meat, and it's healthier. Our business runs off of trust. We build transparent relationships that keep customers coming back."

Naturally Grown Beef raises Angus cattle and very carefully hand selects all of their livestock.